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Reclaim YOUR Health 
in 6 weeks
with FOOD
Over Medicine

Chopping Vegetables
Yoga Practice

This 6-Week Self- Paced Course will give you:

  • Sustainable, Simple tools to Take Back Your Health,

  • Help you feel in control of your wellness with step by step guidance,

  • Allow you to reclaim your energy and focus with the best nutrition

  • Teach you mindset hacks to avoid self-sabotage so you maintain your new habits

  • Leave you equipped to stay on track so you can live a healthy life! 

Six Weeks Together:

Week One

  • ​Let's get to know each other

  • WHY it is important to take action - how profound is your diet in your health outcomes and how you feel?


  • What is the most scientifically proven way to truly be healthy?

Week 3

  • Effective Label Reading

  • Identifying Toxic Ingredients in Our Food

  • Finding Healthy and Tasty Replacements for Unhealthy Foods

Week 5

  • Creating Healthy Habits

  • Meal Planning and Prepping for Success!

  • Mindset Moment

Week 2

  • Let’s Review Our Food Diary

  • How to structure your diet, and why

  • Simple concept for identifying your healthiest foods in your pantry, fridge and freezer: Traffic Light Eating

Week 4

  • 5 to Thrive for One Simple Change at a time

  • Learn 5 simple concepts for profound change to your health

Week 6

  • Busting Myths

  • Creating and Solidifying a Mindset for Success

What If I can't join Live weekly? 

We will be hosting the trainings in a Private Facebook Group, so every week's training is recorded in the group and is there for you to watch at your leisure.  


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