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Welcome to LEAN and Vital Health Coaching

Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle! 

Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition for a Vital Life

Confidently Protect your Brain Health, change your Gut Health, and Slow the aging process!

Meet Your certified health Coach, Michelle  

I’m Michelle, and I am excited to welcome you here! Together, we can help you change your story, and take your health back!

I started my journey to better health and wellness about 20 years ago, when I was faced with chronic immune system issues, and looking a legacy of illness straight in the eye. Being a young mom and wife, I had a new appreciation for the need to protect our health and quickly found that I was the only one who could do what was necessary to truly change our health trajectory. I learned that my family’s history of illness did not have to predict my own future health picture.  

When I saw what making simple changes in nutrition through educated decisions did for my family’s health and mine, I felt a moral obligation to turn around and pass that power on to others. I am so glad you decided to explore your own power to live LEAN and Vital!

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Whether it is an online 3-Day Pantry Makeover Challenge, A 6-Week Online Health Coaching Course, or Online, Live Personal Health Coaching, I’ve got you covered!  Self-paced, simple courses for making powerful changes to your nutrition that will educate you and inspire you to the next level, or One to One on Zoom or FaceTime, it is your choice.
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I love working with individuals, families, couples, groups, and people of all ages. I work with companies to create wellness programs for employees, and can serve schools, communities, businesses, medical centers and more. Everyone deserves to be healthy, and have the best nutrition, and we all perform better when we feel better!
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Contact me for a complementary initial consult, and learn how simple it can be to take control of your health, have the best nutrition, look and feel your best, avoid nutrition-related diseases, control your weight, and have more energy! You will also learn how to prepare healthy snacks and meals the whole family will enjoy. This is wellness at its best! 


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