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You are well into the New Year.

Well past the time most of us have lost focus on our "Resolutions".


But YOU are ready for more than "Resolutions". You are ready for true, empowering health habits and simple changes you can implement now. And you are looking for more. More education. More support, more inspiration. You have found it with Taking Your Health Back and LEAN and Vital Health Coaching.


Over the next 6 weeks, You will learn just how powerful your diet and lifestyle, as well as your mindset, are.

  • We will study the scientifically proven ways to truly maximize your health,
  • 5 Vital tips for essential health,
  • How to set up your environment to avoid self- sabotage,
  • Tips for preparation and planning,
  • Exercise: what works and how to build it into your day,
  • What foods to maximize and what foods to avoid, and why,
  • Bust some myths around foods and diets, and
  • Work on mindset that will keep you moving forward!

Jump in. Take Your Health Back.

Start Now. Don't wait to begin setting yourself up to have better health.

For about the cost of one Fast Food Meal a day over the next 6 weeks, you can make lasting changes,

improve your health and live the LEAN and Vital Life you Deserve!

Taking Your Health Back 6 Week Course

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